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Proxy Manager usage tutorial

1. What is a proxy manager?

Proxy Manager is lunaproxy's new integrated proxy management function. Through simple visual pages, flexible custom operations, rich interface examples, and various forms, it helps you create personalized configuration files and one-stop management of proxy needs to meet your needs. Your proxy business uses

2. How to use the proxy manager?

(1).Log in to your account

After logging in, enter the personal center and you can see the new function [Proxy Manager]


(2). Apply for a free server

Before using the proxy manager, you need to add the IP whitelist first. If it has been added, you can directly enter the proxy manager interface and click Apply for Free


(3).Proxy configuration

After the application is successful, click Add Channel to enter the proxy configuration interface.


①Proxy type: Only dynamic residential proxy are allowed to use the proxy manager function

②Supports self-selecting different countries, states, and cities around the world

③The IP type supports [One-time change] or [Aging IP]. Select the aging IP to customize the proxy aging.

④Customize the number of extractions. A single configuration supports extraction of up to 5,000 IPs.

After completing the proxy configuration, click [Submit] to generate a configuration item record in the list area. You can use this configuration item to extract the proxy IP that meets the conditions you set with one click.


(4). Extract proxy IP

After completing the proxy configuration, click the [Extract] button to quickly obtain the proxy IP that meets the current configuration conditions. You can copy or directly open the link to extract the proxy IP by accessing this link.


(5). reate a personalized proxy profile

Click Proxy Configuration to view proxy configuration information


① Click on the configuration file to view the parameter information and parameter comments of the proxy configuration. It supports custom modification of the configuration information. You need to click Save after modification.


② Click Get Configuration File API to view the interface examples and request parameters for obtaining configuration information. Click [Copy Link] and access this interface to obtain configuration information.


③ Click the Upload Configuration File API to view the interface example and request parameters for uploading configuration item information. Click [Copy Link] and call this interface to update the configuration information to the proxy server.

Note: Please pass in the config parameters according to the format in [Configuration File]


④Click on the extraction API to view the extraction link and parameter comments


⑤ Click Switch IP to switch IP within the IP validity period. Two switching methods are provided here:

Specified port switching: If you need to switch the IP of a specific configured proxy port, select [Specified port switching] and enter the port number, and click [Confirm switching] to switch successfully.

Specified configuration item switching: If you need to switch all port proxy IPs under a specific configuration item, select [Specify configuration item switching] and enter the configuration item serial number. Click [Confirm Switching] to switch successfully. 

At the same time, you can get these two The interface link and parameter explanation of the IP switching method can be extracted and used to realize the need to switch IP within the proxy IP time limit.


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