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Proxy joining plan
Recommend LunaProxy to others and earn up to 10% revenue from their orders!
Join the Proxy alliance plan to quickly make money
  • Users registered as LunaProxy
  • Earn 10% of lifetime commission
  • Your income amount is unlimited
  • Monthly commission payment
How does it work?
Step 1.
Register or log in to our website
Step 2.
In the personal center, generate your exclusive link and invitation code.Share with your audience
Step 3.
Receive compensation upon completion of the order
How do I invite others?
Method 1 .
Invitees register through your dedicated link
Method 2 .
The invitee actively fills in your invitation code when registering
Payment Options
We provide bonuses through the following payment systems:
Activity Description

Rule 1

"For each order that successfully invites a user, you will receive up to 10% revenue."

Rule 2

Bidding for the LunaProxy trademark in paid search advertisements is prohibited. We have the right to suspend any account that violates this rule.

Rule 3

If your invited user unsubscribes or generates a refund during the commission period, the corresponding commission award will be immediately cancelled.

Rule 4

Invited users can only participate in commission refunds for orders paid in virtual currency.

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