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Step-by-step guide to integrating Luna Proxy with Octoparse:

1. Open the Octoparse app.

2. In the upper left menu, hover over the New button and click Advanced Mode. For testing purposes, we will create a custom task.

3. In the Website field, indicate the website from which you want to extract data. Then click the Save button.

4. You should now find yourself in the Tasks tab. To configure our proxy, select the Settings button.

5. In the popup menu, scroll down to Anti-blocking settings and check the Use IP proxies option. You should now be able to click the Settings button.

6. In the proxy settings popup, define the proxy you want to use. Unfortunately, Octoparse only provides format-based authentication over proxy networks. For this particular reason, you need to use our allowlist IP feature to skip traditional authentication when going through a proxy.

7. After the IP:PORT is ready, select the switching interval according to your session type. If you are using a rotating session type, set the interval to 1. If you are using sticky sessions, set this to 600. Finally, click the OK button.

8. To verify that everything is working correctly, look for a check mark next to the Settings option under Anti-blocking Settings. Once confirmed, click Save to continue.

9. To extract data from our sample page, click on the IP address you can see at the top of the Octoparse application and select Extract text of the selected element.

10. When done, click Save, then Run.

11. Depending on how you want to run your task, select one of the available extraction options. For testing purposes, you can Run task on your device.

12. If done correctly, you should see our proxy IP in the extracted data table once the task is finished.

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