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What types of IPs does LunaProxy offer?

LunaProxy has 5 types of IP networks: dynamic residential, static,Rotating ISP Proxy, Unlimited Residential Proxy,Data Center Proxy

1、Dynamic Residential: Provides real, rotating user IPs for accessing complex target websites when you need to crawl, view and be seen as real users. 200M+ unique IPs built.

Because dynamic and mobile IPs are real device IPs, you can use their real IP addresses when users don't use their devices. But when they're using the device, then we'll automatically give you other available IPs.

2、Static: Provides a real residential IP provided directly through the ISP. These IPs are best for use cases that require permanent, non-rotating IPs, or a small number of residential IPs.

3、Rotating ISP Proxy:Possesses the combined power of data center and residential IP, supports ultra-long sessions up to 12 hours, has exclusive IP resources, unlimited connections and threads

4、Unlimited Residential Proxy:High-speed and stable unlimited proxy, with lunaproxy unlimited plan, you can get unlimited traffic, random country and region, account encryption mode supports country selection, use highly anonymous proxy to send requests and collect data. 

5、Data Center Proxy:With a high-speed and stable data center proxy, you can get unlimited bandwidth and only pay for each IP, the data center proxy is private or dedicated, which means that when you use an IP, you will be the only use of that IP By.

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