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Why rotating proxy are more suitable for crawler business
by lina

When running a web scraping business, using a rotating proxy is crucial. This article will explore why rotating proxies are more suitable for crawler business and introduce its advantages and importance.

Web crawling is a technology that uses automated programs to browse the Internet and collect information. When conducting large-scale data collection, IP risks are often faced. To address this challenge, using rotating agents is an effective solution.

Advantages and Importance

Using multiple proxy IPs for rotation can improve the crawler's access speed. When an IP is restricted in access speed, other IPs can still continue to work, thereby maintaining the efficiency of data collection.

By rotating the proxy, the crawler can cover the target website more comprehensively and obtain more data. This helps improve the quality and completeness of data collection and provides a more reliable basis for subsequent analysis and application.

When conducting crawler business, using a proxy can effectively protect personal IP addresses and private information to avoid being used or attacked by criminals.

Selection and use of rotation proxy

When choosing a rotation proxy, you need to consider the reputation and stability of the agent service provider. High-quality proxy service providers usually provide stable IP proxy pools and flexible rotation methods, which can meet the needs of crawler business.

In addition, when using a rotation proxy, you also need to pay attention to setting the rotation interval and frequency reasonably to avoid placing excessive access pressure on the target website and causing resentment on the website.

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