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Why does Google verification appear when using a proxy?
by coco

In the context of the widespread application and rapid development of the Internet, the use of proxy servers has become more and more common. Proxy servers can help users access network resources more conveniently, improve network efficiency, and protect users' privacy. However, some users may encounter issues with Google Verification when using a proxy server. So, why does Google verification appear when using a proxy? This article will explore this in depth.

First, understand what Google Verification is. Google Verification is a security verification service provided by Google. Its purpose is to prevent automated scripts or malware from abusing proxy servers for attacks. When users use a proxy server, Google Verification requires users to perform manual verification by sending a verification code to confirm the owner of their account. So, why does Google verification appear when using a proxy?

1. Dynamic IP address of proxy server

The IP address of the proxy server is dynamic, that is, the IP address changes with each request. When Google Verification detects a change in the user's IP address, it will prompt the user to verify. This is to prevent automated scripts or malware from exploiting the proxy server. Dynamic IP addresses prevent Google from determining a user's specific location, so Google Verification is required to confirm the user's identity.

2. Anonymity of proxy server

Proxy servers are anonymous and can hide the user's real IP address. This anonymity allows malicious actors to exploit the proxy server for attack or abuse. To prevent this from happening, Google performs strict verification on the proxy servers that use its advertising services. If the proxy server is found to be abused, Google will stop cooperating with it and may ban the relevant account.

3. Protect Google Ad Revenue

As an advertising company, Google's advertising revenue is one of its main sources of profit. If proxy servers are exploited by malware for attack or abuse, it could have an impact on Google's ad revenue. As a result, Google takes steps to protect its advertising revenue, one of which is requiring strict verification of proxy servers that use its advertising services. Only verified proxy servers can continue to use Google's advertising services.

To sum up, the occurrence of Google verification when using a proxy server is mainly due to factors such as the dynamic IP address of the proxy server, anonymity, and protection of Google advertising revenue. In order to ensure the security of users' accounts and the stability of the network environment, Google will require users to verify when performing certain sensitive operations. Therefore, when using proxy servers, we should pay attention to reasonable use and avoid abuse or attacks to ensure the security and stability of the network.

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