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User & Pass Auth


Bypass IP restrictions

A Socks5 proxy ensures that you access the desired destination without internet blocks.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

No limit to concurrent sessions, making any scraping job smoother and faster.

Accurate positioning

Enjoy locating and accessing any location data by zip code, city, state, country.

Why choose LunaProxy Socks5 proxy

easy to manage

Sequential or non-sequential, choosing a Socks5 proxy is easy to understand using our dashboard.

Dedicated proxy pool

A proxy pool fully optimized according to your goals to ensure the highest success rate at the fastest speed.

collect any data

Whether your use case is SEO, social, ad verification, price comparison or brand protection, LunaProxy can handle any objective.

99.9% uptime

LunaProxy's SOCKS 5 proxy has the highest uptime on the market.

Explore suitable proxy solutions
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Crawl Proxy
Using city-level high-quality proxy can effectively improve the success rate of data capture
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Marketing Social Media
Increase the activity of your products in the network and sell more
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Search Engine Optimization
Easily collect valuable SEO data,conduct competitor research
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Ad Verification
Test ads, optimize CPA, and verify links to real desktop and mobile IP addresses
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Market Survey
Be fully prepared for market expansion
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Send unlimited concurrent connection requests to help you successfully grab tickets
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Sneaker Proxies
Using city-level high-quality proxy can effectively improve the success rate of data capture
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Review Monitoring
Deeply understand your target audience and predict market trends

China Hong Kong

120,187 IPs


156,534 IPs

South Korea

11,1,047,582 IPs


472,956 IPs


116,391 IPs


116,391 IPs


64,752 IPs


2,704,625 IPs

United States

3,599,080 IPs

United Kingdom

345,432 IPs

more regions
Buy Socks5 Proxy Servers at Reasonable Prices

Dynamic Residential Socks5 Proxy

A private IP address, giving you complete anonymity and a high success rate.

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Rotate ISP Socks5 Proxy

Enjoy long meetings without any distractions.

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Unlimited Residential Socks5 Proxy

Unlimited use of graded residential Proxy

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Static House Socks5 Proxy

Wide coverage, stable high-speed static residential IP proxy network.

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Data Center Socks5 Proxy

Efficiently collect data with 99.99% accuracy.

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If you use more, please contact us for a better price.



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Ryan Bender

I burned through almost 10 other providers and 100 proxies all different kinds, I was about to give up before finding LunaProxy. Their proxy not only fast but must be good because where many others failed their proxy worked on even the most difficult.

Bruno Malorana

Awesome service. The proxies work like a charm for any website or stealth operation. The work with any scrapper, link creator or social media automation software as well. Very recommended!

Onur Buyuktezgel

I was always suspicious about this kind of services bought on web, but I’ve never had any problem with LunaProxy. Its customer service answered all of my “stupid” questions incredibly fast with full of patience. I would strongly recommend their service.
common problem
Will Socks5 hide IP?

Just like other proxies, a Socks5 proxy can hide a user's real IP address from other Internet servers online. However, internet service providers (ISPs) can still see traffic routed through the proxy.

How much does a Socks5 proxy cost?

The price of a Socks5 proxy may vary depending on the service provider and the package/plan you choose. You can see the cost of LunaProxy high-quality proxies here.

Socks5 proxy work?

Socks5 proxy works as a high performance content filter. It identifies suspicious content that may be spyware, malformed content, or other types of attacks.

What is the difference between Socks5 and HTTP proxy?

The main differences between Socks5 proxies and HTTP proxies are their security, functionality, and performance. HTTP proxies have a higher level of security, while Socks5 proxies offer higher speed and greater flexibility because they are not tied to any particular network protocol. For more information, read this extensive article on Socks5 and HTTP proxies.

if I just use one and only Socks5 proxy provider?

Our policy is very transparent. When you purchase a proxy from us, we give you a dedicated list of Socks5 proxies to choose from, along with access to the best support team in the industry who will respond and resolve issues 24/7 should you have a problem.


What are Residential Proxies and How Do They Work

It’s no secret to most of you that every time you go online, your computer is assigned an IP (Internet Protocol address) that should tell the websites you are trying to access about the location of your ISP (Internet Service Provider)...

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Dedicated Residential Proxy Usage Explained

In any industry there is a product that is sought for by most users and is viewed as the most reliable and “money’s worth” item that everybody wants.

Daniel Tarasov

Static Data Center Proxy vs Residential: Discover the Main Difference

When it comes to selecting an optimal set of paid proxies for your online mission, you might face a very tricky question: whether to go for residential proxies or datacenter proxies will do the job alright?

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