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​How to use short-term proxy IPs for web crawlers efficiently, the advantages of short-term proxy IPs
by Arthur

Short-term proxy IPs, that is, those IP addresses that change frequently, have unique advantages, especially in web crawlers. This article will explore how to use short-term proxy IPs for web crawlers efficiently and analyze its advantages in detail.

1. What is a short-term proxy IP?

Short-term proxy IPs refer to those IP addresses that change frequently in a short period of time. Unlike static proxy IPs, short-term proxy IPs will automatically update after a certain period of time and provide new IP addresses. This proxy method is particularly useful in scenarios that require a large number of concurrent requests and circumvent IP blocking.

2. Advantages of short-term proxy IPs

Avoid IP blocking

In order to prevent excessive crawling, websites often set up IP blocking mechanisms to limit the number of visits to a certain IP address in a short period of time. Using short-term proxy IPs can effectively circumvent this blocking, because each IP address is only used for a short time, greatly reducing the risk of being blocked.

Improve crawling efficiency

Short-term proxy IPs can use multiple IP addresses for concurrent crawling at the same time, thereby improving the efficiency of data crawling. This is especially important for web crawlers that need to collect a lot of data quickly.

Enhanced privacy protection

Since short-term proxy IPs change frequently, it is difficult for websites to track the real IP address of crawlers. This helps protect the privacy of crawlers and avoid exposing crawling behavior due to too many requests.

Strong adaptability

Short-term proxy IPs can quickly adapt to different websites and crawling needs. Whether it is a high-frequency crawling task or a website that needs to bypass strict firewalls, short-term proxy IPs can provide a flexible solution.

3. How to use short-term proxy IPs for web crawlers efficiently

Choose a reliable proxy service provider

Choosing a reliable short-term proxy IP service provider is the key to success. The provider should have the following characteristics:

Provide a high-quality IP address pool

Support frequent updates of IP addresses

Provide good customer support and services

Some common short-term proxy IP service providers include Luminati, Smartproxy, and Oxylabs.

Configure IP rotation strategy

In order to make full use of short-term proxy IPs, you need to configure an effective IP rotation strategy. Here are some suggestions:

Set the rotation frequency: Set the frequency of IP rotation according to the access restrictions and crawling requirements of the target website. For example, change the IP address every few minutes or after a few requests.

Concurrent request management: Control the number of concurrent requests to avoid sending too many requests from a single IP address, thereby reducing the risk of being blocked.


Using programming languages and frameworks to automate IP rotation can significantly improve the efficiency and stability of crawlers. Python's `requests` library and `scrapy` framework both support proxy settings, which can easily integrate short-term proxy IPs.

Monitoring and logging

To ensure the stability and efficiency of the crawler, the crawling process needs to be monitored and logged:

Monitor IP usage: Track the frequency and success rate of each IP address, and replace unavailable IPs in a timely manner.

Logging: Record the time, target URL, IP address used, and response status code of each request to facilitate subsequent analysis and debugging.

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