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Evaluation of which residential proxy is more suitable to buy
by CoCo

Evaluation of which residential proxy is more suitable to buy

In today's network era, static IP proxy has become a necessary tool for many enterprises and individual users to conduct network crawling, data mining, anti-fraud and other operations. However, there are many static IP proxy service providers in the market, so how to choose an excellent service provider has become a very important problem.

Therefore, we selected several proxy websites with good comprehensive quality and analyzed their performance from multiple dimensions. We selected lunaproxy, Oxylabs, piaproxy, and Proxy-seller for the evaluation. The following are the evaluation results:

1. IP coverage

In terms of IP coverage, piaproxy has the most extensive IP coverage in the world, providing IP addresses in more than 200 countries and regions. Next are lunaproxy and oxylabs, which provide IP addresses in more than 195 countries and regions, while Proxy-seller has a relatively narrow coverage of IP addresses in less than 50 countries and regions

2. IP quantity

In terms of the number of IP, lunaproxy and piaproxy have the largest number of IP, providing more than 200 million and 350 million IP addresses, respectively. The medium size is Oxylabs, providing more than 100 million IP addresses.

The number of IP in Proxy-seller is very small compared to the other three sites.

3. Availability

In terms of usability, we tested the stability and usability of the IP provided by these service providers. Test results showed that lunaproxy, piaproxy, and oxylabs showed the best IP stability and availability, with more than 99% availability.

4. Speed

In terms of speed, all four proxy sites can achieve fast and stable connections. There is no much difference in speed, but Lunaproxy has a slight advantage over other products.

5. Price

In terms of price, lunaproxy package mainly in accordance with the traffic charge, is the cheapest agent service providers, the lowest $0.8 per GB traffic, piaproxy package according to the IP quantity, each IP minimum $0.04, a little more expensive is Proxy-seller, according to the IP number, minimum $0.7 per IP, the most expensive is oxylabs, according to the flow charge, the lowest $8 per GB

To sum up, the price of PIA and lunaproxy is cheap, the quality is good, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users. If the use is large, it is recommended to choose lunaproxy, and the price of oxylabs and is relatively high, but the service quality is also good, which is also a good choice.

Finally, when selecting a static IP agent provider, you should consider it comprehensively according to your actual needs and budget, and select the provider that meets your needs.

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