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IP detection website
by Jack

IP detection website

In today's digital world, IP addresses have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether in the field of cybersecurity or in online marketing and analytics, understanding IP addresses and the information they represent is crucial. In order to accurately track IP addresses, we need to rely on professional IP detection websites. This article will introduce some common IP detection websites and discuss their advantages and functions.

It should be noted that if you purchase the IP of lunaproxy, you need to check it on ipinfo, because the IP of lunaproxy is subject to the detection result of the ipinfo platform.


IP138 is one of the most popular IP testing websites for price comparison in China. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that can quickly query the geographical location and operator information of an IP address. Users only need to enter the IP address to get relevant detailed information. IP138 also provides a batch query function to facilitate users to query multiple IP addresses at one time.


IP2Location is a well-known IP geolocation database provider. Their website provides a free IP address lookup service that can find the geographical location, time zone, operator and other related information of the IP address. In addition, IP2Location also provides paid advanced query services, including more detailed geographical location information and IP address matching functions, suitable for more professional user needs.

3. GeoIP

GeoIP is an IP address location service provided by MaxMind. Their website provides a free IP address lookup tool that can provide information such as the geographical location, city, postal code and country of the IP address. GeoIP also provides a paid API service that can query IP address information in real time, which is suitable for enterprise users who need to query in large quantities.

IP detection websites play an important role in our daily lives and work. Whether you need to know the geographical location of your visitors or analyze network traffic and user behavior, IP detection websites can provide you with accurate IP address information. When choosing an IP detection website, you can choose according to your needs and budget

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