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Which online proxy website is suitable for the proxy to capture the data?
by CoCo

Which online proxy website is suitable for the proxy to capture the data?

There is no problem with web page capture itself, if only capture individual web pages, but when large-scale capture data, will encounter some difficulties, because the website will mark or even ban some IP in order to protect the data.These include IP tracking, the use of CAPTCHA to prevent automatic access and browser fingerprint recognition, and other technologies.

For beginners, your automated requests will be constantly hindered. For some experienced web grabbers, bypassing the requirements of these scratch technologies can overwhelming them and waste their limited time. Therefore, a proxy IP is introduced to help improve the efficiency of data grabbing.

Here are some online proxy sites suitable for proxy to capture data:

1. Lunaproxy

Support HTTP, HTTPS and socks5 three protocols, covering 195 countries and regions, IP resource pool has 200 million IP resources, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited concurrent session, provide 24 / 7 real-time support, can be integrated with third-party software, the website has been established for a long time, user feedback is good, very reliable.


2. Piaproxy

Cheap, as low as $0.04 an IP, unlimited traffic, support HTTP, HTTPS and socks5 three protocols, covering a wide range of areas, IP in 200 regions around the world, IP resource pool of 350 million, providing API extraction.


3. ProxyMesh

Provides high-speed proxy servers around the world, supporting the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. It has multiple IP addresses and ports available, and can be automatically managed through the API.


4. ProxyCrawl

Provide cloud-based hosting solutions that can handle large-scale data capture requirements. It uses intelligent routing algorithms to ensure that requests are sent to the fastest and most stable proxy server.


5. Bright Data(Previously known as the Luminati

Provides a large IP proxy network, covering more than 200 countries around the world. It supports multiple protocols, and has a strong privacy protection mechanism.

6. SmartProxy

Provide efficient and stable proxy services for developers, marketers and researchers. It has global IP coverage and can be integrated with common programming languages and tools.

Please note that when using any online proxy site, always follow the relevant laws and site regulations and ensure that these services are legally used for data capture.

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