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What usage scenarios are static IP suitable for?
by Jack

What usage scenarios are static IP suitable for?

Static IP refers to a fixed IP address assigned to a specific device on the Internet. Compared with dynamic IP (Dynamic IP), a static IP address will not change when the device is restarted or the network is reconnected. Static IP has obvious advantages in certain usage scenarios. This article will introduce the usage scenarios where static IP is suitable.

Server hosting

If you need to host your own server on the internet, a static IP is essential. A static IP ensures that your server is always accessible from the same IP address. This is very important for websites, applications, game servers, etc. that need to provide stable services. By using a static IP, you can easily set up domain name resolution and ensure that visitors can always find your server.

remote access

Static IPs are also very useful for remote access. If you need to access your computer or server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or other remote access tools, a static IP can ensure that you are always connected to the correct device. Static IPs provide more stable connections and allow network administrators to more easily manage and configure remote access permissions.

Security and monitoring

Static IPs are also very important for security and monitoring. If your device has a static IP, you can more easily set network security policies such as access control lists (ACLs) and firewall rules to protect your network from malicious attacks. In addition, static IP can also facilitate your network traffic monitoring and logging so that potential security issues can be discovered and resolved in a timely manner.

Remote cameras and IoT devices

Static IP is very important for cameras and IoT devices that require remote access. By assigning static IP addresses to these devices, you can access and monitor them from anywhere over the Internet. This is great for home security systems, surveillance cameras, smart home devices, and more.

To sum up, there are many usage scenarios for static IP, and static IP has many advantages. Stability and long-term effectiveness are the outstanding features of static IP. Lunaproxy’s static residential IP can be purchased according to the stable duration and region, and does not limit traffic usage. It is an exclusive IP within the period of use, which is very suitable

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