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What is the difference between socks5 proxy and socks4 proxy
by jack

With the development of the Internet, network security issues have gradually become prominent. In order to protect personal information and network security, many users have begun to use proxy servers to protect their real IP addresses. 

Among them, the two most commonly used proxy servers are socks5 proxy and socks4 proxy. While they both offer anonymity and protect user privacy, there are some differences between them.

1. Definition

Both socks5 proxy and socks4 proxy are a network protocol that can establish a connection between the client and the server and allow the client to forward its request to the server. Their main function is to provide users with a safer network environment and protect users' real IP addresses, thereby protecting users' privacy.

2. Agreement version

Both socks5 and socks4 are protocol versions of proxy servers, but the biggest difference between them is the protocol version. socks5 is the latest version of the socks protocol, while socks4 is the older version of the socks protocol. Since socks5 is a more advanced version, it has more functions and more powerful performance.

3. Certification method

socks5 proxy server supports username/password authentication and GSS-API authentication, which means users can access the proxy server through username and password or authentication method. 

This increases network security and prevents unauthorized users from using the proxy server. The socks4 proxy server only supports a single username/password authentication method.

4. Supported network protocols

socks5 proxy server supports UDP protocol, which can transmit large amounts of data without affecting performance. The socks4 proxy server only supports the TCP protocol, so it cannot transmit large amounts of data. 

This is one of the reasons why the socks5 proxy server is more suitable for scenarios such as P2P downloads that require large amounts of data transmission.

5. Security

Since the socks5 proxy server supports encrypted transmission, it is more secure than the socks4 proxy server. Data transmitted through the socks5 proxy server will be encrypted to protect user privacy and data security. 

The socks4 proxy server does not have this encryption function, and data transmission may expose users' private information.

6. Compatibility

Since socks5 is a more advanced protocol version, it can be compatible with more types of network applications, including email clients, instant messaging software, etc. Socks4, on the other hand, is only compatible with some basic network applications and cannot meet users' needs for diverse network applications.

7. Speed

Since the socks5 proxy server supports UDP protocol and encrypted transmission, it is faster than the socks4 proxy server. The socks4 proxy server can only transmit TCP protocol data, and the speed is slower.

8. proxy usage scenarios

1. Hide the client’s real IP address and protect user privacy.

3. Accelerate access to the website and increase access speed.

4. Encrypt network traffic to protect data security.

5. In network security testing, it serves as a springboard to conduct penetration testing on the target network.

6. In web crawlers, it serves as a proxy server to hide the true identity of the crawler and prevent it from being blocked by the target website. 7. As a reverse proxy server, provide services to the outside world.

To sum up, the socks5 proxy server is more advanced, safer and faster than the socks4 proxy server, and can meet users' needs for diverse network applications. Therefore, when choosing a proxy server, users can choose which protocol version of the proxy server to use according to their own needs.

If you simply need to protect your IP address, the socks4 proxy server is sufficient. But if you need a more secure and faster network environment, then socks5 proxy server is a better choice.

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