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What is the definition of proxy? How to choose the right proxy server?
by Louise

Proxy, literally, means to perform a certain behavior or operation on behalf of someone or an institution. In the network environment, the proxy server plays this role to help users hide their real IP addresses when accessing network resources, improve access speed, and avoid the impact of anti-crawling strategies. So, how to choose the right proxy server?

1. Definition of proxy server

A proxy server is an intermediary server between the client and the target server. When the client makes a request, the proxy server makes a request to the target server on behalf of the client and returns the response from the target server to the client. Through a proxy server, we can hide our real IP address and avoid being blocked by the target server.

2. How to choose a suitable proxy server

Determine needs

Before choosing a proxy server, you must first clarify your needs. Do you need to crawl data, download resources, or perform other network operations? Different needs require different types of proxy servers.

Geographical location

The geographical location of your chosen proxy server is also important. Proxy servers that are geographically close can reduce network transmission delays and improve access speeds. Therefore, when choosing a proxy server, consider choosing a server that is geographically close to you.


Stability is one of the key factors in choosing a proxy server. A stable proxy server can ensure the stable operation of your network operations and avoid problems such as access failures or slow access speeds caused by unstable proxy servers.

IP address restrictions

Different proxy servers have different limits on the access frequency for each IP address. If your network operations require a large number of access requests, it would be more appropriate to choose a proxy server without IP address restrictions.


Price is another important factor in choosing a proxy server. Different types and quality of proxy servers also have different prices. When choosing a proxy server, you need to weigh it against your needs and budget.

3. Precautions

Don't use free proxy servers. The quality and stability of free proxy servers are not guaranteed, and they are likely to be blocked by the target website.

When choosing a proxy server, you need to test it. The test content includes access speed, stability, IP address restrictions, etc. Only a tested proxy server can ensure the stable operation of your network operations.

In summary, choosing the right proxy server requires consideration of multiple factors, including demand, location, stability, IP address restrictions, and price. Only by comprehensively considering these factors can you choose the proxy server that best suits you.

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