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What is native IP
by Louise

What is native IP

Native IP (Native IP) refers to an independent IP address directly assigned to a device or server on the Internet. Compared with shared IP, native IP is exclusive to a specific device and will not share the same IP address with other devices. Native IP can be used for a variety of network applications, such as website hosting, cloud servers, game servers, etc.

The significance and advantages of native IP

1. Improve network performance

Using native IP can improve network performance and reduce delay and packet loss rate. Since native IP is allocated independently, it will not share bandwidth and resources with other devices, which can better guarantee the quality and stability of network connections. For applications that require high network speed and stability, such as online games and video streaming, native IP is very important.

  2. Improve security

Native IP can improve network security. Shared IP has the risk of being abused by other users, such as blacklist, spam, etc. The original IP is exclusive to you, which can better protect your network security and reduce the risk of being attacked. Especially for some applications that need to process sensitive information of users, such as e-commerce websites and banking systems, it is necessary to use native IP.

3. Improve search engine optimization (SEO)

Native IP also has some impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines will generally consider websites using native IPs as more trustworthy and reliable. Native IP can improve the ranking and visibility of the website, making it easier for the website to be indexed and recommended by search engines. For website owners who want to increase the traffic and exposure of their website, using native IP is a good choice.

4. Support more network applications

Native IP can support more network applications. Compared with shared IP, native IP can configure and manage network applications more flexibly. For example, native IP can easily set up domain name resolution to realize your own personalized domain name. In addition, native IP also supports more network protocols and ports, making it easy to build various services and applications.

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