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What is an HTTP proxy?
by louise

What is an HTTP proxy?

An HTTP proxy is a network service that allows a user to issue and receive HTTP requests via other servers. It can be used to ease the load, improve network security, provide data backup, and achieve access to Internet when clients cannot directly access the Internet.

The HTTP proxy works as it receives HTTP requests from the client and forwards them to a server on the Internet. The client treats it as a local server, and the server treats it as a normal client. The proxy server filters, caches, presses, and security checks to provide efficient network services.

Proxy servers can select different protocols as needed to meet different requirements. Common protocols include HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS 4 / 5, FTP, SMTP, etc. Each protocol has different features and can be selected for client requirements.

Lunaproxy Is a professional HTTP proxy service, specially designed to help users to speed up the network speed, enhance network security, avoid IP is blocked, save traffic, etc. It supports multiple protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 / 5, FTP, SMTP, and can be customized according to user needs.

Lunaproxy's servers are located in different countries and regions, and users can choose different IP addresses according to their needs, thus realizing anonymous access to the content. In addition, Lunaproxy enables multiple users to share a proxy server on the same IP address, saving significant traffic costs.

In short, HTTP proxy is a very good network service, which can help users to speed up the network speed, enhance the network security, avoid IP is blocked, save traffic and so on. Lunaproxy Is a professional HTTP proxy service, can help users to achieve anonymous access to content, multiple users to share an IP address, traffic cost savings and many other advantages.

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