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What is a residential proxy? Which residential proxy service providers are reliable?
by CoCo

What is a residential proxy? Which residential proxy service providers are reliable?

Now residential proxy is very widely used, when we want to visit a website, there may be banned access, when we want to collect some website data, ip may be added to the website blacklist, lead to capture failure, this is because some of the ip these IP abuse can not use, so need residential ip to hide the real IP address, the residential IP will be detected for real users, thus through.

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy is a proxy server that uses a residential IP address. These proxy servers are often provided by third-party providers, through which users can hide their true IP addresses and access the Internet. Residential proxy may be more difficult to detect in some cases relative to data center proxy or anonymous proxy, because they use real residential IP addresses rather than virtual IP addresses.

What is the difference between a rotating proxy and a residential proxy?

A rotation proxy is a proxy server that uses multiple IP addresses for the rotation. These IP addresses are often derived from data centers or cloud service providers, rather than from residential users. Using a rotation proxy can help users hide their real IP addresses, but because these IP addresses are often shared by multiple users, they may be blocked by some websites or service providers.

Residential proxy are proxy servers that use residential IP addresses, which typically come from residential users. A residential proxy is more difficult to detect because it uses a real residential IP address.

What are the reliable proxy service providers?

The first one is lunaproxy, which is a cheap residential proxy at present. In addition to the residential proxy, he also has a rotation proxy, a data center proxy, etc., with fast response speed and stable operation

The second is piaproxy. Although the charging model is different from lunaproxy, according to the number of IP charges, his IP has a long stable time and a high connection success rate

The third is smartproxy, which is one of the head proxy in the market. IP has high quality and stable operation, but the price is much more expensive

What should be considered when choosing an proxy service provider?

1. Quantity of resources

If the usage is large, some proxy service providers have a small resource pool and may not be able to meet the normal needs of the activities

2. Price

The price difference of different service providers is still very big, when choosing according to their own budget, some service providers' cost performance is not very high, the budget can consider which price and quality can be proxy

3. Coverage

When choosing an ip proxy, we should consider whether the proxy website has the IP of the country it needs, because the coverage of different service providers is different, and there may be no IP resources in some regions

4. Speed

Before use, you can first test, to ensure that the proxy speed of the selected service provider can meet their own needs

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