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What businesses are static residential proxies suitable for?

A static residential IP refers to a fixed IP address assigned to a specific home or office network by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Compared with dynamic IP addresses, static IP addresses always remain the same and are suitable for businesses and applications that require remote access or specific network configurations.

Static residential IP is suitable for the following businesses and applications:


Static residential IPs are crucial for professionals and enterprise employees who need remote access to corporate networks or remote desktop connections. With a static IP, they can securely log in remotely to a company server or workstation without having to worry about connectivity issues caused by changing IP addresses.

Video surveillance system

Video surveillance systems for homes or commercial premises often require static IP addresses so that users can view live video streams or recordings over the Internet at any time. Static IP addresses provide a stable remote access method, ensuring that the monitoring system is always online reliably.

Remote server access

When individuals or companies have their own servers and want to provide specific services (such as website hosting, game servers, etc.) to the outside world through the Internet, static IP addresses are essential. Static IP ensures that users can always access the server through a fixed IP address.

Voice communication

When using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for voice communication, a static IP address can provide a more stable and high-quality call experience. For users who need to use VoIP frequently, static IP can avoid the problem of call interruption or degradation in quality due to changes in IP address.

Remote access to personal devices

Individual users may want to remotely access devices they have at home, such as webcams, smart home devices, or network storage devices. With static IP, they can remotely manage and control these devices without being affected by dynamic IP address changes.

In general, static residential IP is suitable for various personal and business businesses that require stable remote access, remote connection or specific network configuration. For those who need to maintain network connectivity and stability, choosing a static residential IP is very suitable.

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