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What are the alternatives to Oxylabs in 2024
by CoCo

Oxylabs, as a well-known proxy network service provider, has always provided users with stable and efficient network proxy services. However, as technology continues to develop and market competition intensifies, many new alternatives have begun to emerge, providing users with more choices. This article will introduce alternatives to Oxylabs in 2024, including Lunaproxy, Piaproxy, Brightdata, and Smartproxy.

1. Lunaproxy

Lunaproxy is a cloud-based proxy service provider known for its high performance and customizability. The platform provides a wide range of proxy solutions, including static proxy, dynamic proxy and SSL proxy, etc., suitable for various application scenarios.

The advantages of Lunaproxy include high availability and scalability, powerful load balancing functions, and rich API and SDK support, allowing developers to easily integrate proxy services.

Supports HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS protocols

Covers 195 locations and can be selected by country, state, and city

200 million IP resource pool

Discounted prices, as low as $0.7/GB

Unlimited concurrency and sessions

2. Piaproxy

Piaproxy is a proxy service provider focused on protecting user privacy. The platform provides different types of proxy services such as anonymous proxies and transparent proxies, allowing users to hide their real IP addresses and protect their online behavior.

In addition, Piaproxy also pays attention to security, and all data transmission is encrypted to ensure the security of user data.

There are over 50 million S5 residential IPs in its pool

Location support for over 180 countries

Supports session management for rotating proxy and sticky proxy

Provide a flexible and affordable pricing system

Unlimited bandwidth support

Supports both Windows and MacOS

3. Brightdata

Brightdata is a global proxy service provider favored by users for its wide geographical coverage and high-speed and stable network connections. The platform provides multiple types of proxy services, including residential proxy, mobile proxy and data center proxy, to meet the needs of users in different scenarios.

72 million residential IP

Supports HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS protocols

Covers 195 locations and can be targeted by country, city, operator and ASN.

Rotates each request and supports sticky sessions when available

4. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is a proxy service provider that focuses on intelligence. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to analyze and process network traffic to improve user experience and security.

Smartproxy supports multiple types of proxy services, including HTTP proxy, SOCKS proxy, etc., and provides a rich API interface and SDK toolkit to facilitate integration and customization by developers.

55 million rotating residential IPs

195 locations with country and city targeting

Rotate each request, 10, 30 minutes

14 days refund


The above introduces four proxy service providers that may become alternatives to Oxylabs in 2024: Lunaproxy, Piaproxy, Brightdata and Smartproxy. These alternatives have their own advantages and characteristics in terms of performance, security, customizability, and intelligence, and can meet the needs of users in different scenarios.

Users can choose an appropriate proxy service provider based on their actual needs to obtain a better user experience and protect personal privacy or business data security.

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