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Soax vs. Brightlight: Which proxy Is Better for Your Needs
by lili

1. What is Soax proxy?

Soax proxy is an efficient and stable network proxy service that focuses on providing users with safe, fast and reliable network connections. 

Through advanced encryption technology and network architecture, Soax ensures the security and stability of users' data transmission. In addition, Soax also provides rich API interfaces and customization functions to meet the needs of different users.

2. What is Brightlight proxy?

Brightlight proxy is a cloud computing-based network proxy service dedicated to providing users with various types of proxy solutions. 

Through efficient cloud computing technology and security protection measures, Brightlight ensures that users receive fast, reliable and secure network connections. At the same time, Brightlight also provides a friendly user interface and rich API interfaces to facilitate user configuration and use.

3. IP proxy pool and proxy pool size

Bright Data has a significant advantage in this regard. According to figures published on both websites, Bright Data has more than 72 million (6.5 million per day) residential IPs and more than 7 million mobile proxy in 195 countries, while SOAX has only 5 million residential IPs and 3.5 million mobile proxys in 195 countries.

Bright Data discovered a balanced pool of proxy spread across several countries, notably over 350,000 unique IPs from the United States. From a pool of random IPs (without any location filter applied), it returned over 800,000 unique IP counts for 1 million requests.

In comparison, SOAX returns fewer unique IPs (about 620,000) when running the request without any location filters. Using location filters, Bright Data returns more IPs from the US, UK, Germany, India and Australia, while SOAX only returns a higher unique IP count from France.

For Bright Data in particular, this means users have access to a broad and diverse pool of IPs, ensuring a strong and reliable proxy service even when precise location filters are enabled for any location on the planet. In comparison, SOAX's IP count is far less extensive and diverse than Bright Data's.

4. Response time and success rate

According to research by Proxyway, Bright Data ensures an average success rate of 99.17% and an average response time of 1.02 seconds when targeting global CDNs. SOAX gives an average success rate of 99.03% and an average response time of 1.05 seconds.

5. Reasons why LunaProxy is the best alternative to Soax and Brightlight

As a powerful cloud proxy server, LunaProxy has several advantages that make it an ideal replacement for Soax and Brightlight. 

First of all, LunaProxy performs well in terms of speed, stability and anonymity, providing efficient network connection services.

Secondly, LunaProxy has rich functions and application scenarios, making it convenient for users to make various network requests and uses. 

In addition, LunaProxy also provides flexible pricing models and promotions, allowing users to choose according to their needs and budget.

 The most important thing is that LunaProxy has strong technical support and friendly user services to help users solve problems encountered during use. Therefore, LunaProxy is an option worth considering for users who are looking for alternatives to Soax and Brightlight.

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