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Rotating Proxy: An Effective Approach to Network Access Control
by sun

With the rapid development of network technology, network access control has become an important part of network security. Traditional network access control methods have some problems when facing complex network environments, so it is necessary to find more effective control methods. This article introduces a new network access control method - rotating proxy.

Rotating proxy is a dynamic network access control mechanism that controls network access by taking turns providing proxy services for network requests in different time periods. Rotating proxy can not only hide the real IP address of network services and improve network security, but also effectively prevent DDoS attacks and CC attacks. In addition, rotating proxies can also achieve fine control over network access by limiting users' access speed and access frequency.

The method of implementing rotating agents is relatively simple. First, you need to build a server cluster with proxy service function. Each proxy server can take turns to provide services for network requests. Secondly, the proxy server needs to be configured, including opening the proxy service, setting the proxy port, configuring access control rules, etc. Finally, network requests need to be directed to the proxy server to achieve the effect of proxy rotation.

To verify the effectiveness of the rotation proxy, we conducted a series of experiments. In the experiment, we built a cluster of five proxy servers, configured and optimized it. Test data shows that rotating proxy can effectively hide the real IP address of network services, improve network security, and at the same time prevent DDoS attacks and CC attacks. In addition, rotating proxies enable fine-grained control over network access by limiting the speed and frequency of access for users.

Rotating agents have broad application prospects. First, rotation agents can be applied to various network services, such as web servers, databases, file sharing services, etc. Secondly, rotating agents can be combined with other security mechanisms, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, etc., to provide more comprehensive network security. In addition, rotation agents can also be applied in the field of cloud security to protect cloud services from threats such as attacks and data leaks.

In short, rotating proxy is a very effective network access control method with wide application prospects. The optimization and extension of the rotation agent can be further studied in the future to better cope with the changing network environment threats.

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