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Rola-IP alternative: Find the right proxy IP provider for you
by Louise

Rola-IP alternative: Find the right agent IP provider for you

In the online world, proxy IP is a very important tool that can provide users with a more secure and more anonymous Internet experience. However, sometimes the agent IP suppliers that we rely on may suddenly close down, causing us a lot of trouble. Recently, the closure of the Rola-IP (Laura) website has left many users in trouble. So, in this case, how should we find a reliable alternative? This article introduces you to several trusted proxy IP vendors, namely Lunaproxy, Oxylabs, and Smartproxy. We will compare price, IP quality and characteristics to help you choose your suitable IP provider.

1. Lunaproxy

1.1 Price

Lunaproxy The price is very affordable, residential agent only $0.7 / GB and static agent $1 per day. This price is very cheap compared to other suppliers, but also has a high cost performance.

1.2 IP quality and coverage range

Lunaproxy With 200 million residential IP addresses in more than 195 locations around the world, it provides users with a wealth of options. In addition, its IP quality is also very high, which can meet the needs of users.

1.3 Features

Lunaproxy Provides infinite thread, fully anonymous and secure HTTP (S) and SOCKS5 protocols. It also has more features, such as browser expansion, to provide users with a more convenient Internet experience.

2. Oxylabs

2.1 Price

The price of Oxylabs is relatively high, with a $15 per GB fee. Although the price is higher, they also provide relatively more comprehensive services.

2.2 IP quality and coverage range

Oxylabs With more than 70 million residential agent IP, covering all countries and cities around the world. It also provides the function of positioning agents according to ASN (Autonomous System Number) to provide users with more accurate services.

2.3 Features

Oxylabs Has a large proxy pool and supports the SOCKS5 protocol. Although there are some limitations, its IP quality and coverage are still one of the best in the industry.

3. Smartproxy

3.1 Price

Smartproxy Is relatively low, with residential agents charging $12.50 per GB and $10 / 100 IPS. This price is relatively affordable, but there are certain limitations in IP quality and coverage.

3.2 IP quality and coverage range

Smartproxy Offering more than 40 million rotating residential IP, covering 195 locations. Although relative to other suppliers, its IP quality and coverage have certain limitations, but it is still able to meet the needs of most users.

3.3 Features

Smartproxy Provide unlimited threads and browser extension features, to provide more convenience for users.

To sum up, Lunaproxy is a trustworthy and cheap agent IP provider. Its IP quality and coverage are excellent, while also providing many useful features. If you are looking for an alternative to Rola-IP as an agent IP provider, then Lunaproxy would be a good choice. Of course, depending on your specific needs, you can also consider Oxylabs and Smartproxy, these two suppliers. Choose your own agent IP provider, will bring more convenience and security for your Internet experience.

Note: This article is intended to introduce users to proxy IP vendors. We cannot guarantee the service quality and stability of these suppliers, so we advise users to conduct adequate investigation and evaluation when selecting agent IP suppliers.


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