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Recommendation of the best proxy suppliers in 2024
by Sun

With the popularity of the Internet and the diversification of network applications, proxy IP has become an indispensable part of many users' daily life and work. Proxy IP can protect user privacy and improve network access speed. 

Today in 2024, we recommend the following best proxy IP providers for you. They have won wide recognition in the market with their high-quality services and strong technical support.

What is a residential proxy

Residential proxy refers to the IP address obtained by the proxy service provider from the real residential network, which is used for users to perform proxy access on the network. 

Compared with data center proxies, residential proxies are closer to the network environment of real users and are difficult to be recognized as proxy IPs by websites and platforms. 

At the same time, residential proxy IP can also provide IP addresses in multiple geographical locations, allowing users to obtain more data.

How to choose the right residential proxy

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right residential proxy IP, here are some suggestions:

Determine your needs: Before choosing a proxy IP, you need to clarify your own needs, such as the purpose of using the proxy IP, the areas you need to visit, network speed, etc. These needs will directly affect the standards and requirements for selecting proxy IP.

Understand the types and services of proxy IPs: There are many types of proxy IPs, including static proxies, dynamic proxies, HTTP proxies, SOCKS proxies, etc. 

Different types of proxy IPs have different uses and characteristics, and you need to choose the appropriate type according to your own needs.

At the same time, you need to understand the services provided by the proxy IP provider, such as the size of the IP pool, update speed, coverage, etc.

Consider anonymity and security of proxy IP: An important factor in choosing a residential proxy IP is anonymity and security. You need to choose a residential proxy IP service that can provide high anonymity and protect user privacy to avoid leaking personal information and sensitive data.

Test the speed and stability of the proxy IP: Before choosing a proxy IP, you can test the connection speed and stability of the proxy IP in your own network environment.

You can select multiple residential proxy IPs for testing to compare their speed, stability, and connectivity to the target website.

Check user reviews and word-of-mouth: You can check other users' reviews and word-of-mouth on different residential proxy IPs through search engines, forums or social media to understand their experience and satisfaction.

Consider the price factor: The prices of different residential proxy IPs vary greatly, and you need to choose the appropriate proxy IP service according to your budget.

At the same time, you need to pay attention to the balance between price and service quality, and do not pursue low prices too much and ignore the quality of service.

Best proxy Supplier in 2024


200 million residential IP

Covering 195+ countries and regions, and can be positioned according to country, state, and city

Support SOCKS5 and HTTP(S)

Unlimited concurrency and bandwidth

Support proxy manager

Lunaproxy provides 200 million IPs covering 195+ regions around the world, with comprehensive IP types, including dynamic residential proxies, static residential proxies, data center proxies, unlimited proxies and rotating ISP proxies. 

In addition to large resources, high quality, and low prices, lunaproxy also has One of the advantages is dynamic residential proxy, starting from $0.7/GB, rotating ISP proxy, starting from $0.6/GB


More than 100 million residential IPs

 Covers 195 countries and can be positioned by country, city, state, and ASN;

Support SOCKS5 and HTTP(S)

Rotate each request, sticky session can be up to 30 minutes

Every country, thousands of cities, ASN positioning

Unlimited concurrent requests

Oxylabs offers a huge proxy pool of over 100 million IP addresses, competing with other providers in terms of performance and features. Although the cost of entry is relatively high, they recently introduced a pay-as-you-go pricing model, with pay-as-you-go plans priced at $10 per GB


55 million rotating residential IPs

195 locations with country and city targeting

Rotate each request, 10, 30 minutes

Smartproxy is an excellent choice for those looking for high-performance proxies that offer a wide range of features at an affordable starting price. In real-world use, its IP performs well in most tasks.

In short, choosing an excellent proxy IP provider is crucial to users' online life and work. During the selection process, users need to consider multiple factors and make wise decisions. 

I believe that in the future, with the continuous development and advancement of network technology, more excellent companies will continue to emerge in the proxy IP industry to provide users with more comprehensive and high-quality services.

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