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Proxy Purchase Guide for 2023: How to Choose it?
by CoCo

Proxy Purchase Guide for 2023: How to Choose it?

If you do not know much about the proxy, but need to use the proxy, do not know how to choose, then this article will introduce you about the proxy and purchase related information

IP proxy type

There are three main types of IP proxy: residential proxy, mobile proxy, and data center proxy

Residential proxy: These proxy provide IP addresses from the real residential equipment connected to the Internet. They offer a higher level of anonymity because they mimic conventional user behavior, making it suitable for tasks such as Web grabbing or bypassing anti-robotic measures.

Mobile proxy: A mobile IP proxy is the proxy type that routes requests via a mobile device. They use the IP address assigned by the mobile network operator (MNO) (the ISP for mobile devices). They are used for services that want to simulate surfing from a mobile device.

Data Center proxy: The data center proxy is not associated with any physical location, but with a server hosted in the data center. They provide high-speed connectivity and are often used for tasks requiring large-scale automated activities, such as SEO monitoring or ad validation.

What the purchasing proxy should consider

According to the different use scenarios, the required types of proxy are also different, in the purchase of proxy, we should pay attention to several aspects of the problem

proxy location: different users need different proxy positions, different proxy service providers can provide different proxy location is also different, so before buying, to ask whether he has the area you need

proxy agreement: although many proxy websites support http (s), socks5 three agreements, but still exist some websites only support part of the agreement, so also need to know whether the proxy website support agreement is consistent with their own needs

Cost: when the objective conditions are satisfied, need to consider the cost problem, cost saving, after all, is very important, different proxy price and package type is different, differ is very big, general website before login can see their price and package, but some sites need to register login to see, if the demand is larger, you can try to contact their customer service, may give you extra discount

Agency website

Lunaproxy: Covering 195 + regions, 200 million ip pool, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited concurrent session, charge by traffic, $0.8 / GB

Piaproxy: Covering 200 + regions, 350 million ip pool, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited concurrent sessions, charged by IP number, $0.07 / GB

Smartproxy: Covering 195 + region, 40 million ip pool, all-weather customer service, charge by traffic, $4 / GB




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