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How to use Silkroad proxy to register multiple accounts
by louise

Silkroad is a popular online game with rich game content and unique gameplay. However, many players encountered limitations in the game and were unable to register multiple accounts. 

To solve this problem, you can use Silkroad proxy to register multiple accounts. This article will introduce how to use Silkroad proxy to register multiple accounts.

What is Silkroad proxy

Silkroad proxy usually refers to the proxy server used in the game Silkroad. It helps players connect to the game server by changing the player's IP address, optimizes the network environment, and improves game speed and stability. In addition, it can also help players register multiple accounts.

How to choose a Silkroad proxy

First, players need to find a reliable Silkroad proxy. A proxy is a service that can change a player's IP address. By using a proxy, players can use an IP address from another region to access the game server. 

For example, using lunaproxy, lunaproxy's real residential IP can help players obtain real user identities and ensure the smooth progress of account registration.

When players find a reliable proxy, they need to set the proxy to start automatically. In this way, when the player turns on the computer, the proxy will automatically connect to the proxy server. Players can use some proxy software to set up automatic startup, such as "Proxyee-down" and so on.

Next, players need to open the Silkroad game client and try to register a new account. When registering, players need to fill in the correct email address and password, and choose an unused username. If the player is using a proxy server, the IP address will become that of the proxy server.

When the player successfully registers, he or she can use the new account to log in to the game. If players want to register more accounts, they can repeat the above steps.

 It should be noted that players need to ensure that each account has a different email address and password to ensure the security of the account. It should be noted that using a Silkroad proxy to register multiple accounts may violate the game's terms of service. 

Therefore, players should use proxies with caution and ensure that their actions comply with the rules of the game.

In short, using Silkroad proxy can help players register multiple accounts to gain more gaming experience and opportunities. However, players need to use proxies with caution and ensure that their actions comply with the rules of the game. 

I hope this article can help you understand how to use Silkroad proxy to register multiple accounts, so that you can get more fun and advantages in the game.

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