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How to use rotating ISP proxy to scrape web page data
by lina

In today's Internet era, data has become a valuable resource. From SEO to marketing, from competitive intelligence to business analytics, data plays an important role. Therefore, crawling web page data has become an essential task for many companies and individuals.

However, when crawling web page data, you often encounter some limitations or obstacles, such as website anti-crawler mechanisms. To solve these problems, using rotating ISP proxies has become an effective solution. 

This article will introduce how to use rotating ISP proxy to crawl web page data, and give some precautions.

1. Why use rotating ISP proxy?

Avoid being restricted

Many websites will set up anti-crawling mechanisms. When frequent access requests are detected, the corresponding IP address will be blocked. Using a rotating ISP proxy can avoid being restricted and ensure continuous web page data crawling.

Improve crawling speed

Using a rotating ISP proxy can use multiple IP addresses to crawl web page data at the same time, thereby increasing the crawling speed. When an IP address is blocked, you can immediately switch to another IP address to avoid crawling pauses caused by being blocked.

Improve the crawling effect

Some websites will display different content based on the geographical location of the visitor. Using a rotating ISP proxy can simulate visits from different regions to obtain more data.

3. How to use rotating ISP proxy to capture web page data

Choose a reliable proxy service provider

First, you need to choose a reliable proxy service provider. When choosing an proxy service provider, you need to consider the following points:

(1) Stability and reliability of the proxy server: Ensure that the proxy server can provide stable services and avoid frequent disconnections and unavailability.

(2) Multi-region coverage: Select a proxy server that covers a wide range of areas to simulate access from different regions.

(3) Reasonable price: The charging standards of proxy service providers are also an important consideration. Choosing a reasonably priced service provider can reduce costs.

Configure proxy server

Generally speaking, proxy service providers will provide corresponding APIs or configuration documents to help users configure proxy servers. Follow the steps to configure the proxy server according to the documentation provided.

Use proxy library

In order to facilitate the use of rotating ISP proxy, you can use some proxy libraries, such as Scrapy-ProxyPool, ProxyBroker, etc. These proxy libraries can help automatically obtain available proxy IP addresses and rotate them.

Set request headers

In addition to using a rotating ISP proxy, you can also set request headers to reduce the probability of being identified by the website. You can simulate the access behavior of real users by setting random User-proxy, Referer and Cookie.

4. Precautions

Set the crawling frequency appropriately

Although using a rotating ISP proxy can avoid being banned, crawling too frequently will still draw the attention of the website. Therefore, it is necessary to set the crawling frequency reasonably according to the anti-crawler strategy of the website to avoid placing excessive pressure on the website.

Pay attention to privacy protection

When using a rotating ISP proxy, you need to pay attention to protecting personal privacy. Some proxy service providers may record users’ access records, so you need to choose a reliable service provider and pay attention to protecting personal information.

Comply with the website usage rules

When crawling web page data, you need to comply with the website's usage rules. If the website explicitly prohibits the use of crawlers to scrape data, even using a rotating ISP proxy is against the rules.


Using a rotating ISP proxy can help us crawl web page data more effectively. However, when using a proxy, you still need to pay attention to protecting personal privacy and complying with the website's usage rules. 

I hope this article can help readers better understand how to use rotating ISP proxy to crawl web page data, and achieve better results in practice.

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