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How to solve the problem of IP proxy being blocked
by lina

In today's information age, information acquisition and data collection on the Internet have become an indispensable part of many industries.

However, with the increasingly strengthened anti-crawler strategy of website owners, the use of IP proxy to circumvent access restrictions and improve access efficiency is also facing more and more challenges. Especially when IP proxy is frequently used for data collection, it is easy to encounter the problem of IP being blocked, which not only affects the efficiency of data collection, but also increases the complexity of technical implementation.

1. Reasons for IP proxy blocking

The main reasons for IP proxy blocking usually include the following aspects:

Frequent access to the same website: Some websites will set access restrictions for frequent requests from the same IP address. If the frequency exceeds a certain level, the IP will be blacklisted.

Abnormal access mode: When using IP proxy for data collection, if the request mode is abnormal (such as too high request frequency, request method does not conform to human behavior pattern), it may be identified as a malicious crawler by the website and blocked.

Publicity of IP proxy: Many free or public IP proxy servers are shared by multiple users. If the behavior of other users causes the IP to be blocked, all users sharing the IP will be affected.

2. Impact of IP proxy blocking

When an IP proxy is blocked, it may cause the following problems:

Access restriction: The blocked website can no longer be accessed through the proxy IP, which affects the normal data collection and information acquisition.

Decreased collection efficiency: It takes more time and resources to change the proxy IP or adjust the data collection strategy to deal with the situation of being blocked.

3. Solutions to solve the problem of IP proxy being blocked

Facing the problem of IP proxy being blocked, the following solutions can be adopted:

Use highly anonymous proxy: Choose proxy servers that provide high anonymity. These proxy servers will not reveal your real IP address, reducing the risk of being blocked.

Change proxy IP regularly: Change the proxy IP address regularly to avoid using the same IP address for a long time and being identified and blocked by the website.

Reduce access frequency: Reasonably control the access frequency, simulate human access behavior patterns, avoid too frequent or regular requests, and thus reduce the possibility of being blocked.

Use proxy pool services: Utilize proxy pool services, which regularly update and detect the availability of proxy IPs to ensure that the IP addresses used are not blocked.

Use anti-crawler technology: Some advanced data collection tools and services provide anti-crawler technical support, which can more effectively deal with the website's anti-crawler strategy.


In summary, it is not difficult to solve the problem of IP proxy being blocked. The key lies in choosing the right proxy IP, reasonably controlling the access frequency, and using advanced technical means to avoid the risk of being blocked. In the process of data collection and network access, maintaining a cautious and flexible strategy is the key to ensuring the successful completion of the task. I hope this article can provide practical solutions and reference suggestions for readers facing the problem of IP proxy being blocked.

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