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How to scrape travel fares by proxy
by coco

With the popularity of the Internet and the development of globalization, more and more people choose to travel across countries. In this process, how to find the most favorable travel fares has become the focus of many travelers. 

This article will introduce how to capture travel fares through an proxy, helping you easily find the best air tickets, train tickets and other travel fares.

The principle of proxy IP

Proxy IP is a network service that helps users make network requests through a proxy server. When a user uses a proxy IP, all network requests will go through the proxy server and then reach the destination. 

In this process, the proxy server can help users hide their real IP addresses and protect their privacy. At the same time, the proxy server can also help users access the network across regions and operators, improving network access speed.

How to scrape travel fares through a proxy

1. Choose a reliable proxy

Choosing a reliable proxy is one of the keys to a successful business, so it needs to be considered carefully. Here are some suggestions to help you choose a reliable proxy:

Understand the background and credibility of the proxy: Before choosing an proxy, be sure to understand its background and credibility. You can learn about the reputation and credibility of proxy through the Internet, industry associations, etc.

Compare the quotes and plans of different proxy: When choosing an proxy, compare the quotes and plans of different proxy. Comprehensively consider the proxy's price, service, quality and other factors to select the most cost-effective solution.

2. Add the proxy to the crawler

After selecting a reliable proxy, write a crawler program to add proxy through the code examples provided by the proxy, and crawl the data of the target website according to your own needs. 

It should be noted that the quality of the proxy determines the success rate of crawling, so , it is very important to choose an proxy. 

You can use lunaproxy, a pure residential proxy with a large number of resources, which to a large extent guarantees the success rate of crawling.

In short, the most important thing when grabbing travel fares is to choose a reliable proxy, which needs to consider many aspects, including background and reputation, professional capabilities and experience, quotations and plans, communication channels, etc. 

Choosing the right proxy through comprehensive comparison and careful consideration will contribute to the development and success of your business.

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