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How to hide the IP address of your computer
by CoCo

How to hide the IP address of your computer

In the modern Internet world, protecting personal privacy and data security has become particularly important. The IP address is the unique identifier of each device connected to the Internet, and it can be used to track the user's online activity and location. However, sometimes we want to hide our IP addresses to protect our privacy and anonymity. This article will introduce you to some simple and effective ways to hide the IP address of your computer.

Use the SSH security enclosure protocol

SSH is an encrypted network protocol that can transmit data securely over an insecure network. Users can use the SSH protocol to hide their real IP addresses

Use the proxy server

A proxy server is another way to hide an IP address. The proxy server acts as a middleman between you and the Internet, forwarding your request to the target Web site, and sending the response back to your computer. By using the proxy server, you can hide your true IP address and use the IP address of the proxy server for network access. There are many free and paid proxy servers to choose from, but please note that some proxy servers may not be secure or reliable enough. If you need proxy, you can consider lunaproxy, price concessions, a wide range of services, suitable for a variety of use scenarios

Use the Tor browser

The Tor browser is a special web browser that hides your real IP address by transferring your Internet traffic through multiple random intermediate nodes. This makes it even harder to track your online activities. The Tor browser is free and very easy to use. Note, however, that network speeds can be slow as data streams pass through multiple nodes.

Configure a network firewall

Configuring a network firewall can help you hide your IP addresses and improve your online security. A network firewall can prevent malicious attempts to access your computer and control network traffic. By properly configuring the firewall rules, you can limit access to your computer and hide your IP address. Remember that the proper configuration and maintenance of network firewalls requires certain technical knowledge.


Hiding the IP address of computers is an important step in protecting personal privacy and data security. Each method has its advantages and limitations, so it is very important to choose the method that best fits your needs. Whether you are looking for privacy or anonymity, these methods can help you hide your IP address and protect your online security.


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