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How to get a fast and reliable proxy for web scraping
by Sun

During the web scraping process, a fast and reliable proxy is a key factor in ensuring smooth data collection. This article will introduce in detail the concept of residential proxy IP, why it is suitable for web scraping, how to use Python for proxy scraping, and provide practical advice on choosing a proxy service provider.

1. What is a residential proxy IP?

Residential Proxy IP, also known as Residential IP Proxy, is a proxy service provided over a home or personal Internet connection. These IP addresses are no different from those used by ordinary users, and are assigned to households or individuals by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 

When using a residential proxy IP, the network request will first pass through the proxy server, and then the proxy server will forward it to the target website, thus hiding the user's real IP address.

2. Why residential proxies are suitable for web scraping

Residential proxy IPs have several significant advantages in web scraping:

Anonymity: Residential proxy IP can hide the user's true identity and location, reducing the risk of being blocked by the target website due to frequent requests.

Availability: Since residential IPs are the same as those of ordinary users, they are less likely to be identified by the website’s anti-crawler mechanism, thus increasing the success rate of crawling.

Stability: Residential proxies generally offer higher connection stability and speed, which is crucial for web scraping tasks that require processing large amounts of data.

Regionality: Users can select residential proxy IPs in specific geographical locations to simulate user access in different regions, which is very useful for market research, competition analysis and other scenarios.

3. Python crawling proxy case

In Python, we can use various libraries and tools to scrape and process proxy. Here is a simple example showing how to send an HTTP request through a proxy using Python's requests library:


import requests


proxies = {

     'http': 'http://username:password@proxy_host:proxy_port',

     'https': 'https://username:password@proxy_host:proxy_port',



response = requests.get('http://example.com', proxies=proxies)


In this example, we first define a dictionary proxies that contains proxy information. We then send an HTTP GET request using the requests.get method and specify the proxy to use via the proxies parameter.

It should be noted that username:password@proxy_host:proxy_port in the above code should be replaced with the actual proxy server information.

4. How to choose a suitable proxy service provider

Choosing a suitable proxy service provider is a critical step in ensuring successful web scraping. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an proxy:

proxy type: Choose the appropriate proxy type according to your needs, such as residential proxy, data center proxy, etc.

Geolocation: Choose a service provider that provides the desired geolocation proxy to simulate user access from different regions.

Availability: Check the availability of the proxy IP provided by the service provider, including success rate, response time, etc.

Security: Ensure that the proxy IP provided by the service provider is safe and reliable and will not leak user information or be used for illegal activities.

Price: Compare prices from different service providers and choose the most cost-effective option.

When choosing an proxy service provider, it is recommended to conduct adequate market research and read user reviews and case studies in order to make an informed decision.

5. Summary

This article introduces the concepts and benefits of residential proxy IPs and shows how to use Python for proxy scraping. When choosing a proxy service provider, users should consider factors such as proxy type, geographical location, availability, security, and price.

By choosing the right proxy and proxy service provider, users can ensure a smooth web scraping task and obtain accurate and reliable data. With the continuous development of network technology, we look forward to the emergence of more efficient and secure proxy solutions in the future to meet the growing demand for network scraping.

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