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How proxy servers improve security
by lina

The principle of proxy server to improve security is that when a client requests access to a target server, the request will be sent to the proxy server first. The proxy server will make a request to the target server on behalf of the client. The target server will think that the request comes from the proxy server. Not the client, then returns the response to the proxy server, and the proxy server forwards the response to the client. After using a proxy server, surfers protect their true identity. Remote servers, including other users, can only detect the IP address of the proxy server but not the real IP of surfers, thereby achieving the purpose of protecting the user's IP address. , ensuring the network security of Internet users.

The main features of proxy servers are:

Improve access speed: Proxy servers usually set up a larger hard disk buffer. When external information passes through, it is also saved in the buffer. When other users access the same information again, it is directly stored in the buffer. Retrieve information from the system and pass it on to users to improve access speed.

Firewall and filtering functions: The proxy server works at the application layer and can be regarded as an ordinary router. For example, a web proxy server can check the URL of an outgoing request for a web page by inspecting HTTP GET and POST messages.

Support different applications: Different proxy servers can support different applications. For example, some proxy servers are specifically designed to handle HTTP requests, while some are specifically designed to handle FTP requests.

Save network bandwidth: Using a proxy server can save network bandwidth to a certain extent. Especially for users who need to frequently access certain websites, accessing through a proxy server can reduce the waste of network bandwidth.

To sum up, the proxy server has a very wide range of functions and is a very effective tool to improve network security. However, actual use may vary depending on the specific environment and configuration. Therefore, you need to select a service provider and configuration method according to your own needs. .

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