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Essential skills for data scraping: How to use proxy IP for anti-crawling
by jack

With the advent of the big data era, data capture has become an important means of information acquisition and analysis. However, in actual operations, crawlers are often restricted by the anti-crawler mechanism of the target website, causing the crawling task to be blocked.

In order to break through these limitations, using proxy IP for anti-crawling has become a necessary skill. This article will introduce in detail the application principle, operation steps and precautions of proxy IP in anti-crawler, to help readers better use proxy IP for data capture.

1. Application principle of proxy IP in anti-crawler

Proxy IP is a way to access the target website through a proxy server. When a crawler uses a proxy IP, the target website sees the IP address of the proxy server, not the IP address of the crawler itself. In this way, the crawler can hide its true identity by switching different proxy IPs, thus bypassing the anti-crawler mechanism of the target website.

Specifically, proxy IP mainly has the following application scenarios in anti-crawler:

Breaking through access restrictions: Many websites will set access frequency limits or IP address restrictions to prevent crawlers from excessively consuming server resources. By using proxy IPs, crawlers can simulate the access behavior of multiple different users, thus breaking through these limitations.

Prevent IPs from being blocked: When a crawler frequently visits a website, the website's anti-crawler system may identify and block the crawler's IP address. Using a proxy IP can regularly change the IP of the crawler and reduce the risk of being blocked.

Improve crawling efficiency: In some cases, the target website may have restricted or speed-limited IP addresses in certain areas. By using proxy IPs located in other regions, crawlers can bypass these restrictions and improve crawling efficiency.

2. How to use proxy IP for anti-crawling

Choose a suitable proxy IP service provider

Choosing a reliable proxy IP service provider is the first step to use proxy IP for anti-crawling. When choosing a service provider, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) IP pool size: A high-quality proxy IP service provider should have a large IP pool to ensure that crawlers can obtain a sufficient number of proxy IPs.

(2) IP quality: The quality of the proxy IP directly affects the success rate of the crawler. A high-quality proxy IP should have the characteristics of high stability, fast speed, and good anonymity.

(3) Service quality: Service providers should provide stable and efficient agency services and have a good customer support system to promptly solve problems encountered by users during use.

Configure proxy IP

After selecting the proxy IP service provider, you need to configure the proxy IP into the crawler program. The specific configuration methods vary depending on the crawler language and framework. Taking Python's requests library as an example, you can configure the proxy IP in the following ways:

import requests


proxies = {

   'http': 'http://proxy_ip:port',

   'https': 'https://proxy_ip:port',



response = requests.get('http://example.com', proxies=proxies)

In the above code, proxy_ip and port need to be replaced with the actual proxy IP address and port number.

Write a crawler program

After configuring the proxy IP, you can write a crawler program to capture data. When writing a program, you need to pay attention to the following points:

(1) Set the access frequency reasonably: avoid visiting the target website too frequently to avoid triggering the anti-crawler mechanism.

(2) Handle abnormal situations: When the crawler encounters abnormal situations such as access restrictions and IP blocking, it should be able to automatically switch to other proxy IPs to continue crawling.

(3) Data cleaning and storage: Clean and organize the captured data, and store it in an appropriate data structure for subsequent analysis and use.

3. Precautions for using proxy IP for anti-crawling

Comply with laws and regulations

When using proxy IP for anti-crawling, you must comply with relevant laws and regulations and respect the rights and interests of the target website. Grabbing other people's data without authorization may constitute an infringement and requires corresponding legal liability.

Proper use of proxy IP

Although proxy IP can help crawlers break through access restrictions, excessive use may also cause unnecessary burden on the target website. Therefore, when using proxy IP, the access frequency and crawl volume should be set appropriately to avoid excessive pressure on the target website.

Update proxy IP regularly

Since the proxy IP may be identified and blocked by the target website, the proxy IP needs to be updated regularly to maintain its effectiveness. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the security of proxy IPs and avoid using proxy IPs from unknown sources to avoid malicious use.

4. Conclusion

Using proxy IP for anti-crawling is an important data scraping skill. By choosing a suitable proxy IP service provider, configuring the proxy IP appropriately, and writing an efficient crawler program, you can effectively break through the anti-crawler mechanism of the target website and obtain the required data.

However, during use, you also need to pay attention to issues such as compliance with laws and regulations, reasonable use of proxy IP, and regular update of proxy IP. 

It is believed that with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, the application of proxy IP in the anti-crawler field will become more and more widespread.

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