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The Best Value Residential Proxy Service Provider
Best price on the market, residential proxies
true HTTP(s)/Socks5
true No charge for bad lP
true Country and city level targeting
true Average 99.99% success rate
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Top Residential Proxies with Unlimited Traffic
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true Unlimited IP
true Unlimited traffic
true More than 50 regions worldwide
true API, account and secret mode
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Exclusive Static IP for Real Terminal Devices
Save Up to 25%


true Real ISP proxy
true City level targeting
true IP ultra-long online 365 days
true Supported regions: Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, etc.
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Best value for money
Dynamic Residential Proxy
The most effective and anonymous residential proxy, with over 200 million+ residential IPs worldwide, precise targeting down to city and ISP level, 99.99% success rate, hassle-free collection of public data, and suitable for any use case.
Start now - $0.77/G
Unlimited Residential Proxy
Provide unrestricted IP and traffic, dedicated server.
Massive resources img
Fast and stable
Static Residential Proxy
Combining the advantages of data center and residential IP.
Popular areas img
Hidden IP
United States
14,293 IPs
1563 IPs
1260 IPs
938 IPs
Static Data Center Proxy
low-cost, high-level privacy and security with 99.99% accuracy.
99.99% success rate img
High security
Rotating ISP Proxy
IP duration up to 12 hours, no need to worry about being blocked.
US ISP img
10,000+ IPs
200M+Excellent Residential Proxy
Scale your business with the world's best value proxies, easily set up and use 200M+ residential proxies, connect to country or city level locations around the world. Enables you to efficiently collect public data.
Overcoming Prohibitions, Verification Codes
With more advanced features than any other provider, you never have to worry about getting banned again. Choose a proxy from 195 countries. Create sub-users. Select ISP target, proxy session type, all with the click of a button.
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Get Customer Support Anytime
Our Success Team and Dedicated Account Managers are ready to help clients.
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dealer friendly
Pay as you go option
Ethical IP
No charge for bad IP
residential prices start from
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Supports Proxy IP Configuration of all Major Fingerprint Browsers
In order to meet the fingerprint browser's needs for multiple proxy protocols, we can configure each luna IP proxy individually to the corresponding fingerprint browser.
Explore suitable proxy solutions
Learn how leaders in your industry are doing better with LunaProxy's premium and stable pool of residential proxy IPs.
Crawl Proxy
Using city-level high-quality proxy can effectively improve the success rate of data capture
Marketing Social Media
Increase the activity of your products in the network and sell more
Search Engine Optimization
Easily collect valuable SEO data,conduct competitor research
Ad Verification
Test ads, optimize CPA, and verify links to real desktop and mobile IP addresses
Market Survey
Be fully prepared for market expansion
Send unlimited concurrent connection requests to help you successfully grab tickets
Sneaker Proxies
Give you every advantage in the rush buying event
Review Monitoring
Deeply understand your target audience and predict market trends
LunaProxy Help Access Global Data
Access the entire pool with unlimited connection requests. explore all locations.
Real device IP
City location
Full anonymous
Safe and reliable
Infinite connection
Wireless bandwidth
North America
Untited States 3,599,080 IPs
Canada 2,704,625 IPs
Mexico 1,389,098 IPs
South America
Argentina 824,726 IPs
Brazil 1,094,862 IPs
France 308,538 IPs
United Kingdom 345,432 IPs
South Africa 1,047,582 IPs
Algeria 1,826,593 IPs
South Korea 1,047,582 IPs
Malaysia 387,139 IPs
Singapore 71,525 IPs
Australia 116,391 IPs
New Zealand 2,317,876 IPs
Residential Proxies Pricing
Average 99.9% success rate
Unlimited connection requests
National positioning
Rotate residential IP
Unlimited Residential Proxy
$79 /day
img img img img img
discount 50% off
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most popular
Dynamic Residential Proxy
$0.77 /GB
img img img img img
discount 83% off
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Static Residential Proxy
$3 /IP/week
img img img img img
Custom Plan contact us
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Solve Your Usage Problems
Can I choose a proxy from a specific location?

Yes, our easy to use location selector allows you to quickly select country, state and city locations.

How long can my IP be kept?

You can choose to have a rotating IP (which gives you a new IP address for each connection request) or keep the same IP for up to 90 minutes (sticky). This is controlled in your client dashboard.

Are these rotating IPs or static IPs?

These are rotating residential proxies. You can choose to enable Sticky IP. This means you can keep the same IP for up to 90 minutes.
We also offer static residential proxies for purchase. Click here to learn more about static residential proxies.

How many IPs can I use?

You have full access to our entire network of over 200M+ residential IPs. You are only limited by traffic utilization.

How do residential proxies work?

Residential proxies route the internet traffic through an intermediary server. This server changes the IP address of your connection request. Residential proxies differ from other kinds of proxies because they are connected to real mobile and desktop devices, which are used as the intermediaries for your connections.

How much are residential proxies?

Our plans start at $0.77/GB with up to an additional 200GB free. See prices section for moredetails

What features will I find in the dashboard?

You will be able to:
View your daily usage statistics.
Manage sub-users for specific goals.
management endpoint
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