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1 Will I have a dedicated IP list?
2 Advantages of mobile proxies
3 What is a mobile proxy?
4 Is there a way to trace the target site back to us?
5 The IP test result does not match the region where I purchased and extracted it.
6 Is the traffic of each package restricted?
7 How many threads / connections can your proxy use at the same time?
8 How often do you update your proxy?
9 Query the number of countries and IPs covered by each package
10 Unable to log in due to account abnormality
11 Proxy cannot connect
12 Does my account have limits on how many ports I can use?
13 How many IP protocols are supported?
14 The difference between the two API extraction methods
15 What is the difference between a static planning proxy and any other planning proxy?
16 What does an unlimited package mean?
17 How long is the use period of the residential purchase proxy?
18 How to detect the local IP address?
19 Does LunaProxy's residential proxy support authentication by username and password?
20 Which ports do I need to use?
21 How does proxy authentication work?
22 Do you have an API?
23 About the IP location database, and how to view proxy IP information?
24 What types of IPs does LunaProxy offer?
25 What is a Proxy Server and How Does it Work?
26 Residential Certification Methods

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1 What is the purpose of the residential proxy?
2 What's the difference between ISP proxies and Datacenter proxies?
3 How do ISP proxies work?
4 Are ISP proxies good?
5 What is an ISP proxy?
6 Do you have any blocked website?
7 Will the traffic record my balance immediately after paying on your website?
8 Why did my service stop?
9 What is the most common use case for an proxy?
10 Do you provide a trial or payment refund?
11 I paid for the wrong account!what should I do?
12 How long does it take to receive the proxy balance or activate my account?
13 How do I get the invoice after the purchase?
14 After the virtual currency payment is completed, what should I do if the GB does not arrive in the account?
15 Can I buy Lunaproxy without contacting you directly?
16 What payment methods do you accept?

home> FAQ > Use Static ISP Proxy

1 How to test if a static IP is valid
2 How to view my account and password?
3 Static IP Usage Guide
5 How to use static ISP proxy?

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