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How to use the proxy to manage multiple Facebook accounts
by Jack

How to use the proxy to manage multiple Facebook accounts

As we all know, Facebook accounts cannot be logged in multiple at the same time because the browser system treats it as the same session, each account occupies one session, and cannot run two sets of cookie at the same time. This means that if you log in to multiple Facebook accounts on the same device, the Facebook will identify one person as operating through IP, email, phone number, browser preferences, and so on, leading to account association.

However, there are some jobs in the Display life that require multiple Facebook accounts, such as:

       1. Social media management: Social media managers need to manage multiple customers' Facebook accounts to promote the brand and increase exposure.

2. Cross-border e-commerce: Cross-border e-commerce needs to promote products in different regions and markets, so multiple Facebook accounts are needed to manage different markets.

3. Data acquisition and network testing: Data collection and network testing require using multiple Facebook accounts to obtain data from a specific region or in a specific network environment.

4. Personal life and work separation: Some people need to separate between personal life and work, so they need to use different Facebook accounts to manage different life and work content.

To manage multiple Facebook accounts, a proxy server provided by the proxy service provider can be used to hide the real IP address and avoid account association. In addition, different identity information and passwords can be used to create and manage multiple accounts, and regular password changes and check account security.

Here are the steps to manage multiple Facebook accounts by using the proxy:

Choose a reliable proxy service provider: choose a reliable proxy service provider to ensure a stable connection and good service quality. Overseas residential proxy service can be selected to obtain the real residential network IP address and avoid multiple people reusing one IP.

Configure the proxy server: Configure the proxy server as required by the proxy service provider. You can configure the proxy server using the proxy software or the browser plug-in.

Create multiple Facebook accounts: create multiple Facebook accounts. Accounts can be created using different email addresses, phone numbers, and profile information.

Login to Facebook accounts using the proxy server: Use the proxy server to log in to the Facebook accounts to hide the real IP address. Different proxy servers can be used to log in to different accounts to avoid account association.

Manage multiple Facebook accounts: use a proxy server to manage multiple Facebook accounts to avoid account association. Multiple accounts can use proxy software or browser plug-ins to quickly switch accounts and manage account information.

Please note that using proxy to manage multiple Facebook accounts requires careful privacy protection and account security. It is recommended to use different identity information and passwords to create and manage multiple accounts, and to regularly change passwords and check account security.


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