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Five Best Residential proxy worldwide
by Jack

Five Best Residential proxy worldwide

Residential proxy is an IP address scheme developed in a residential area for the connection of networked devices in a residential area. Suppliers get a large number of IP addresses from the real residential network environment, and then extract, sort, allocate and other steps for customers to use. This article summarizes the five major global residential proxy, hoping to serve as a reference for your choice.

1. Lunaproxy

Lunaproxy Is one of the cheapest residential proxy in the market, with a very large IP resources, covering 195 countries and regions, suitable for various scenarios, such as data capture, advertising verification, etc. At the same time, it can be well integrated with fingerprint browser, which is of great help to cross-border e-commerce. In addition to residential proxy, there are rotation proxy, dedicated data center proxy and other options, based on the starting price of $0.8 per GB


Proxy type: residential proxy, rotation proxy, static proxy, data center proxy

IP pool: 200 million IP

Extraction method: API link, account secret authentication

Coverage: 195 + regions worldwide

Supporting protocol: http, https, socks5

2. Bright Data

Bright Data Is the largest proxy provider in the market, with a large number of rotating residential IP worldwide. Helps you avoid IP blocking when grabbing data from the Internet. Bright Data With IP addresses of more than 72 million real devices, like Oxylabs, Bright Data focuses on commercial customers, but Bright Data is more expensive, so consider it according to its own budget.


Proxy type: Provide rotating and static residential IP

IP pool: 72 million + million IP

Coverage range: 200 + area

Supporting protocol: http, https, socks5

3. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Is a professional company providing high quality proxy services, committed to providing customers with reliable, high-speed, safe proxy services. As a leading global proxy services provider, IPRoyal offers many types of proxy, including data center proxy, residential proxy, and mobile proxy. Whether you need proxy services for web crawlers, data collection, advertising, or other purposes, IPRoyal can meet your needs.


Proxy type

IP pool: 10 million IP

Proxy Agreement: HTTP, HTTPS

Coverage range: 150 + area


Smartproxy Is one of the top residential proxy providers on the market. There are multiple other proxy besides residential proxy. It supports HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5, but sometimes there are slow problems, not very safe and reliable overall, with about 99% uptime.


Proxy type: residential proxy, data center proxy, static proxy

IP pool: There are 10 million IP units in the pool

Coverage: 100 + cities / country

Proxy agreement: http, https, socks5

5. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Is a leading proxy service provider dedicated to providing customers with high quality, high speed and safe proxy services.

Here are some features of the Oxylabs:

Multiple types of proxy: Oxylabs provides multiple types of proxy, including data center proxy, residential proxy, and mobile proxy.

Multiple protocols support: Oxylabs supports HTTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5.

Advanced technology: Oxylabs uses advanced technology to ensure the high-speed stability and security of proxy services.

User-friendly: Oxylabs's user interface is very friendly and you can easily manage and monitor proxy services.


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