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Germany Residential Proxy Servers

LunaProxy provides you with stable German proxies to increase your crawl speed, facilitate your web crawling, price monitoring, ad verification and other activities.


Proxy of moral origin

LunaProxy ensures that the proxies are of premium quality and guaranteed to be a reliable source


reliable infrastructure

LunaProxy keeps your web scraping projects running smoothly with high uptime

Anonymous Germany IP Address

Scaling web scraping projects can be difficult due to the limited number of concurrent sessions. LunaProxy's Germany proxy does not place any bandwidth or destination limits on your sessions. These anonymous German IPs are perfect for market research and brand protection.


Unlimited concurrent sessions


high quality


unlimited bandwidth

One of the fastest proxy services in Germany

Our German proxies connect with real IP addresses, you can be provided an exceptionally fast and reliable connection through a German IP address. Best of all, LunaProxy Germany proxies are easy to set up and IP addresses can be rotated if any proxy fails.

Flexible Germany Residential Proxy Program

Residential Proxy

Avoid interference and securely access geo-restricted sources while protecting your digital fingerprint.

  • Circumventing CAPTCHA and IP Bans
  • Non-disruptive extraction of public data
  • Freely customize the scale of crawling tasks

$ 0.7 /GB

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Static Data Center Proxy

Scale your web scraping tasks infinitely with unlimited bandwidth and concurrent sessions.

  • 99.9% average uptime with excellent stability
  • Get high performance at any scale
  • Unlimited resource spending

$ 2.5 /IP/week

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Static Proxy

Utilize a wide-coverage, stable and high-speed static residential IP proxy network to optimize your crawling operations and effectively reach your target website!

  • Stable internet connection
  • Highest speed and best performance
  • Permanent static IP session

$ 3 /IP/week

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Why Choose LunaProxy Germany Proxy
Frequently Asked Questions
Should I use a free German proxy?

A free proxy server might seem like a good idea, but it often leads to more problems than can be solved. When you use a proxy, you entrust your data to the proxy provider. Similarly, your data and information are also at risk of leakage.
Paid proxy servers like LunaProxy use several steps to ensure your security and privacy when using a proxy, including using HTTPS between target servers. You don't have to worry about information leakage or illegal sources.

Is web scraping legal in Germany?

As our legal team says - it all depends on how the proxy is used. There is no one way to answer this question, because you must ensure that data scraping does not violate any laws before using a proxy for any activity.

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