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Why choose lunaproxy Residential Proxy

90 million residential proxies

We provide the most stable residential proxy IP pool.

Global coverage

195 locations,buy residential IP in every corner of the world.

Zero verification code

No need to deal with captcha,optimizing business resources.

Zero IP blocking

Forget wasting time on IP blocks,buy residential IP and focus on insights.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

No limits and restrictions,buy a residential IP,send unlimited concurrent sessions.

<0.6s average response time

JSON automatic parsing and flexible parameter adjustment reduce session requests.
Why choose LunaProxy static proxy
Simple pricing
With our static residential proxy, you get unlimited bandwidth and are only charged per IP.
The fastest speed
We only provide and test the world's fastest static residential proxy with 100% anonymity and 24/7 IP availability.
Our proxies are private or dedicated, which means when you buy a residential proxy with a static IP address, you will be the only user of the IP.
Multiple use case scenarios
And it works flawlessly on Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more
Social media
Coupon aggregator
SEO Analysis
Price monitoring
Accounts management
Warming up for sneaker drops
Scraping travel deals
E-Commerce and Marketing

Best quality price ratio

The core of Luna's proxy service is respect and love for each client. That's why we offer you the best proxy services on the market. Seriously, our residential proxies have the best quality-price ratio.
Solve your usage problems
1 Can I select proxies from a specific location?

You can access residential proxies through country-specific or city-specific ports. Use your login credentials (username and password) or Allowlisted IPs.

2 Can I integrate proxies with 3rd party software, bots and automation tools?

You can integrate lunaproxy proxies with all major automation bots. If your software runs on a dedicated server or your local machine, simply add the machine’s IP to your list of Allowlisted IPs.

3 Where can I use residential IP addresses?

You can use our proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies. lunaproxy residential-level IP addresses work great with all search engines, ScrapeBox, and many other bots.

4 How to buy a plan?

After logging in, you can go to the pricing page, choose the bundle plan that works best for you, and click Buy Plan. Currently, we accept credit card and virtual currency payment methods.



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